Steel Fabricators

    RFQ (steelXML) Manager

    Simplify your steel buying process in one easy step. Cost to you: $ZERO.

    Receiving quotes and manually entering them into your MIS system is time consuming, laborious and unnecessary.

    If you use almost any MIS applications (e.g. FabSuite or similar), you already have the capability to send electronic RFQs (steelXML) to your supplier and to automatically receive electronic quotes back into your system.

    This saves time, eliminates data entry errors, speeds up the process and assists with rapid decision making.

    Any supplier you work with has the opportunity to make your life easier, and save you time; and it will cost them less than $10/month to do so.

    > At just $9.95 per month your supplier could offer this to you today! Call your supplier today and ask them to get started!

    Private Inventory Clouds

    Access your supplier's inventory using a simple web app. Cost to you: $ZERO.

    Not knowing what your supplier has available makes every RFQ an unknown, and every delivery date a guess.

    But, it's possible now to view your supplier's inventory along with prices, schedules, and quantity. This information can even be 'streamed' to your MIS application.

    Plan more confidently, make better decisions, save time and eliminate the unexpected.

    Your supplier has the opportunity to offer this capability tomorrow, privately with you, for a very low cost.

    > Starting at just $295/month, there's no reason your supplier can't offer this to you tomorrow. Contact your supplier today and ask them to get started!