Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy and Use of Information

    This Privacy and Use of Information Policy refers to all products, features, webpages, embedded or standalone applications, domains and sub-domains developed, distributed or owned by Steel Central LLC. This includes current products such as Private Inventory Clouds on a separate sub-domain, steelXML conversions, steelXML online responses and inventory uploading and sharing either at the main domain (, or any number of sub-domains (typically formatted as; as well as any future products or applications. Together all the aforementioned are referred to as the ‘Website’ and are published and owned by Steel Central LLC.

    Your Personal Information

    Registration, subscription or having an account with Steel Central LLC requires you to share certain personal information such as; Email address; First and last names; Company; Country; Phone; Location

    Steel Central LLC recognizes and understands your privacy is important. The information you provide will be used to help you achieve optimum usage of the Website, manage your account or company account and to send you updates and information about our products and services that may be of use or interest to you. We may share non-specific aggregate statistical data with partners or other parties however we do not sell or share any information about individual users. By registering, creating an account, or logging into the Website, you consent to these conditions.

    Other Information you Share with

    By the nature of the Website and it’s applications we collect, analyze, store, utilize and manage data you provide us. This data may contain information related to your company’s inventory, pricing information, project information and other specific company data. By registering, creating an account, or logging into, or any of its sub-domains you consent for us to collect and store this data so that we can provide the services we offer and improve them. Steel Central may use portions of this data in aggregated, non-specific form for various purposes including sales of such statistical data to third parties.

    In cases where you purchase or obtain from Steel Central LLC a private space using a sub-domain of (known as a Private Inventory Cloud) you are given the additional opportunity to invite others to this space to view your data. Anyone invited to this private space must also register with the Website and is subject to the same terms as laid out here. In addition, Steel Central LLC accepts no responsibility for the privacy practices of the people allowed access to your space.

    In cases where you purchase any product or feature from Steel Central LLC, we reserve the right to advertise, promote and list your company name as a customer along with the specific product or feature used, purchased or subscribed to.

    Your Right to Refuse to Provide Information

    You may choose not to provide us any personal, company or other data as you wish. However by doing so you waive the right to be able to use certain areas of the Website and its applications.

    Access to View and Update your Personal Information

    You have the right to access the information we store about you and update, change and delete as needed.

    Protection of Information/Security

    Steel Central LLC takes reasonable steps to protect the information you provide us. We regularly review our online security measures and procedures to maintain adequate protection is in place. We cannot and do not guarantee the security of any data you choose to post, share or upload to the Website

    Where links to other websites or services are included on the Website Steel Central LLC accepts no responsibility for the security or privacy practices of these sites, except where they are sub-domains of

    Cookies and other Technology

    Steel Central LLC uses cookies and other online tracking tools such as Google Analytics to help make the use of our Website more user-friendly and to take advantage of available features related to such technology. Cookies recognize repeat visitors and streamline visits to our Website by tracking language preferences, location, user settings and other usage statistics. Steel Central does not mandate the use of cookies and it is a user preference to accept or reject the use of cookies when accessing the website.

    When you log in or register to use our services through a browser or other application, our servers automatically collect and record information. For example your browser or device may tell us: Your browser type and version; Your IP (internet Protocol) address; Your language preference; The date and time of your visit; Search terms you used; The name of the page that sent you to our Website


    For the sake of clarity and to remove any confusion, the above outlined Privacy Policy and Use of Information applies to and any subdomains thereof, whether branded for individual companies or used directly by Steel Central LLC. A branded sub-domain may take the form of All users of all subdomains are subject to the same terms and conditions.

    Changes to this Policy

    Any changes to this policy will be posted here.


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