Steel Suppliers

    RFQ (steelXML) Manager

    $10 can help your customers buy more steel. FROM YOU.

    Developing and integrating software to incorporate electronic RFQs from your customers is an expensive investment.

    Steel Central provides the opportunity to immediately start accepting - and responding to - electronic RFQs (steelXML).

    No development on your part. No investment in custom software. No IT costs.

    Offer this capability to your customers today and help them save time, simplify their process, and make decisions faster.

    > $9.95 per month (cancel anytime).Start today!

    Private Inventory Clouds

    A branded, private, online customer portal for building customer loyalty.

    Developing an online portal is an expensive investment; but an important component in gaining your customer's loyalty and growing your business.

    Steel Central can provide you with an online portal tomorrow, with no IT overhead and zero development costs.

    Build closer relationships and loyalty with your customers, manage sales channels more easily and control who can view your portal.

    Once you've ordered your Private Inventory Cloud, we'll work with you to brand it, add custom web pages as needed and help you with your first inventory uploads.

    All Private Clouds even include our steelXML/RFQ Management capabilities.

    > Starting at $295/month. Start today!