Our Vision


    Our Vision to Connect the Supply Chain

    Our vision is a connected supply chain, where steel suppliers, steel fabricators, and structural designers have access to better information about steel supply and availability.

    We will achieve this while respecting and maintaining existing business relationships and protecting existing competitive advantages.

    Steel Central offers:

    ...Suppliers the opportunity to share available inventory with selected customers in a controlled environment using a Private Inventory Cloud

    ...Steel fabricators the ability to view and download data from Private Inventory Clouds directly to their in-house systems (MIS, BIM)

    ...Structural engineers the ability to use steel availability and cost data to make better decisions during the design process

    By granting access to a Private Inventory Cloud, Steel Central helps steel fabricators make informed purchasing decisions while strengthening the relationship with their supplier. In addition, by granting structural engineers access to similar data, they can produce a better design, utilizing a better mix of steel to reduce the costs of the project and avoid potential delays and headaches later.

    Everyone Wins

    When each individual or organization in our supply chain has access to the information they need, everyone wins:

    ...Steel suppliers have the opportunity to influence steel supply and be involved in providing steel earlier in the project

    ...Steel fabricators can make informed purchasing decisions, buying steel earlier, being able to optimize steel earlier and be able to predict problems or delays earlier

    ...Structural engineers can design steel structures using costs and schedule in addition to the only criteria they have today: lowest weight. This is proven to reduce project costs and minimize delays associuated with material supply later.

    Long Term Strategy

    To reach our objectives, we have to move one step at a time. Private Inventory Clouds represent a giant leap for the structural steel industry, but even so, the list of requirements to be able offer a truly connected supply chain with collaboration at all levels is a long one.

    At Steel Central our vision is clear, the industry need is clearly established and the technology is available to improve the cohesiveness of our fragmented supply chain. We have a long term plan and a long term vision of tools ranging from simple ecommerce tools (such as our already available steelXML conversion tools) to automated data streaming services.